Track Update From Rolex 24 Hours Of Daytona

 January 25, 2007, Daytona, FL:  

On day one of practice, Team Samax had an up and down day.  The number 11 car qualified 3rd, while the number 7 car spun in qualifying loosing a chance at the top 5.  Tomas Enge did a great job of getting the car back into the pits without any damage.

The team did not drive the morning practice session because of rain.  In the second session, Chris got in the car for the first time since the testing two weeks ago.  In only 7 laps, he beat his practice time from the last test by over 2.0 seconds and was second quickest driver on the team. 

Chris said, "it was a great practice session, even though we only got 7 laps.  The car is quick and I'm keeping pace with Tomas everywhere, but the Bus Stop corner.  You can do a lot damage in there, so I'm a bit cautious since it's only practice and I only have 17 laps on the track and in this car.  Still, we're 2.0 seconds quicker and on pace with the front running teams." 

Night practice went without incident and the team's other two drivers got some quality time in the car under the lights.  Temperatures were dropping at night limiting speeds a bit because the tires were having trouble coming up to full temperature.


Friday is another day with two practice sessions, where the team will concentrate on race set up, pace and tactics.

The TV schedule for this weekend’s Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona is at:


TV coverage begins 1:00 PM on Saturday on Fox Sports (race begins at 1:30 PM, ends 1:30 PM Sunday).  At 2:30 PM, coverage switches over to SpeedTV.  There is a total of 15 hours of coverage.

It is anticipated that Chris will get in the car between 3:00-5:00 on Saturday, then again at various 3-4 hour intervals.  More than likely he will be in the car 6-8 hours over the 24.  There are 3 other drivers: Tomas Enge (former Formula One and Indycar driver) will run the most hours: then Chris, then Roger Yasukawa (another IndyCar veteran) then the other driver.

For more information visit: www.chrisfestaracing.com; www.samaxmotorsports.com.