Chris Festa with Samax Motorsport Finish 6th in Rolex 24 Hours

January 28th, 2007, Daytona, FL.  Chris Festa driving with Samax Motorsport, finished 6th out of 73 starting cars in his debut performance in the world renowned Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.  Chris and his teammates, Tomas Enge (former Formula One and IndyCar driver), Roger Yasukawa (IndyCar) and 2 other drivers, won the SunTrust/Speed TV Most Improved Position Award by starting 28th in the Daytona Prototype class and reaching 5th place when Chris exited the car with 2 hours remaining. With only 50 minutes left in the 24 hour classic, the team had to stop to replace a gearbox loosing 2 positions to 7th. Tomas Enge jumped in the car with 35 minutes remaining, ran down and passed the 6th place car to recapture one of the two lost positions with only 3 minutes left in the race.

Chris and Tomas Enge anchored the team by driving 15 hours between them. Chris took over driving duties from lead off driver Tomas and ran from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM on Saturday afternoon.  The duo took the car from 28th to the top 12. The other team drivers took the car up to 8th by midnight.  Chris then drove a remarkable stint, getting in the car during a hard rain at 12:15 AM and exiting at 4:20 AM in 6th place still raining.  Except for the hour long race stoppage for track repairs, Chris drove for 3 hours and 15 minutes in the rain at night, picking up 2 positions and turning several fastest laps.  By 9:20 AM, Chris was back in the car running in 6th place and finally got out of the car for the last time with two hours remaining at 11:30 AM in 5th place.

"What a great race," said Chris after the checkered flag, "it killed us to give up 5th with the gearbox problem, but Tomas was fantastic getting us back to 6th in the closing minutes. The other drivers, Roger, Kris and Christian were great; always moving the car forward with no driving mistakes all race.  The team gave us a near flawless car for 24 hours and 2300 racing miles.  Without the near perfect car, all the driving in the world wouldn't help.  It was a fantastic debut and I'd like to thank Peter Barron and all of Samax for this opportunity.  It was cool to find out on the way home that we won the SunTrust Most Improved Position Award on TV, just icing on the cake for the guys.  This team is so good that our great race was secondary to our number 11 car.  While we had an exciting race, our sister car nearly won the race and finished second.  This is just a great team

For more information visit: www.chrisfestaracing.com; http://www.samaxmotorsport.com/.