Chris Festa Completes Full IndyCar Test at Fabled Milwaukee Mile

May 3, 2007, Indianapolis: Chris Festa shared a test day in the 750 horsepower IndyCar at the challenging Milwaukee Mile race track with his teammate and IndyCar Champion, Scott Dixon.  With the Target Chip Ganassi Team looking on, along with 2005 Indy 500 winner, Dan Weldon, Chris strapped into the IndyCar for the first time since passing his rookie test in 2006 to complete testing laps in the Team’s quest to win the 2007 IndyCar championship.

The Milwaukee Mile is the most challenging oval on the IndyCar circuit.  The fabled track is one of oldest in the US, is only a mile in length and is flat, devoid of the banking of the newer tracks.  As a result, the track is difficult to drive well, easy to make a very expensive mistake and ever challenging.

Chris completed the testing with no incidents and only one, “oops” moment as he explored the limits of the powerful and fast IndyCar. In the end, Chris turned very good lap times that would place him solidly in the Indy field on a race weekend.

Team Manager, Mike Hull was very pleased with the test, commenting after that test that, Chris did a really good job with a lot of pressure on a difficult circuit.  Mike felt that he ran very good lap times without making a major mistake. He noted that Chris had the presence of mind to come in and make changes right away when he felt the car wasn’t giving him what he needed and that all in all, Chris had a “really good day.”

“What a day,” said Chris after the test.  “The car seemed to be working really well and I could keep going faster, but I had no feel yet for the limits or the signals the car gives me, so it was hard to really explore the limits without taking too many risks. Milwaukee is not a track to play with.  I did find out that when you get close to the edge, there is no warning, it just goes away.  I’m sure with a little more time I can feel that moment a bit better.  It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get back in the IndyCar really soon.  Scott and Dan were also a big help.  Having drivers around like them makes it a lot easier.  They understand exactly what the car is doing and the driver is feeling.  I want to thank Chip, Mike Hull, Mitch Davis and the rest of the team for giving a chance to test in these cars.  Now I just can’t wait to race them.”